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Common issues during SAP SP update

 (Common errors during SAP service packages update and their solution)

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Problem: Phase CHECK_REQUIREMENTS. The system has found a number of open data
extraction requests. These should be processed before starting the object import process.
- use se38 (report RMCEXCHK) to identify application which causes an error (for instance, let it be 02 (logistics));
- if there are awaiting V3 in SM13, process them all (as selection criteria, begin from the 2000 year);
- clear open extractions in the system (t-code LBWG);
- clean up SMQ1 from the BW system (use t-code SMQ1 to select and delete existing requests for all the clients (*));
- after that se38 shouldn’t show any errors;

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Problem: "R3TRCLASCL_XXXX was repaired in this system" error message.
It's shown because the object mentioned in the message is locked in a transport request that has not been released yet.
In order to solve the incidence you have to do the following:
SE03 -> Objects  -> Display Repaired Objects   -> click the 'Execute' icon (F8)  -> select the R3TR CLAS CL_XXXX  object by single click on it ->
click the button 'Repair flag' (F5) to reset the repair of this object.

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Problem: SPAM import finished with the following error.
! There are inactive objects in the system
! Abort the import due to an error situation
This issue arises because of some objects stuck in transport.
a.Enter transaction code: SE10
b.Next, click on Display
c.Locate your request under "Modifiable"
d.Click on the plus + next to the request to expand the node
e.Select the customizing task and then click on transport "Release Directly"
             f. Wait till the customizing task is fully released.
             g. Thereafter, select the main request and click again on the transport "Released Directly".
h.Once the request is fully released, give that number to your basis guys to transport to test system for you.
The object could be released right from the log (Go to -> Status -> Queue). Click on the object name and in the next window click
'activate'. Do not forget to release transport after that as well (in SE10).

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Problem: SPAM import ended with return code ==>8<== (phase TEST_IMPORT)
SE03 -> Objects -> Display Repaired Objects If R3TRFUGRSZA1 is listed and you are sure it has been released (check with developers if unsure)  then select it and choose the "Repair Flag" button which will reset the repair flag.

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Problem: SPAM import warning 'PERFORM ADJUSTMENT' SPDD
Right from SPAM go to menu: GoTo -> Statu -> Queue (Click 'Approve adjustment').

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           Problem: During SPAM package update GUI interface became unavailable
           If you're unable to control package update progress in SPAM or SM37 you can use windows-level tools such as 'dpmon'.
           It can be found in the 'run' directory, i.e. C:\usr\sap\<SID>\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64
           Run 'dpmon' in console (cmd), in work processes you can see SAPLSTPA process is still running.
           Wait until it finishes background job and SAP GUI will be available again.